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Young talent



Three is a new perfume packaging with a special design. The packaging design is based on the number three. Thus the name “Three” is on the packaging three times, the packaging is triangular and the three colours: dark pink, pink and white displayed in the triple printed flowers. The colour scheme is light and airy and immediately eye-catching at the point of sale. The triangular window allows the customer a first look at the product. The three-dimensionality and the three gradations of the viewing window also awaken and strengthen the curiosity of the customer. The buckle enables easy opening and reclosing of the package. When opening the packaging, the product is representatively at the centre. The implementation of the idea “Three” has been maintained consistently in this one-piece construction.

Submitter: Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin
Designer / developer: Melinda Laubner / Caroline Buhl

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Young talent, Winner