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Sales packaging

ChocOlé round tin

ChocOlé round tin

This is a round tin for twisted chocolate sticks which is made entirely of cardboard.
The box is characterized by a very consumer-friendly and intuitive opening system that works easily using a tear strip.
On the table the pastry sticks can be presented and shared with others.
Both the presentation and the product removal are excellent. In comparison to conventional round shaped packaging the use of materials is economical and efficient. There is a high convenience factor and a well thought-out and implemented solution.

Submitter: Griesson De Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG
Designer / developer: Griesson De Beukelaer, Van Genechten Packaging
Manufacturer: Van Genechten Nicolaus, Cologne
User: Griesson De Beukelaer

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