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Sales packaging

NEMO – Next Generation Food Can

NEMO – Next Generation Food Can

This innovative product development represents a significant advancement in the production and processing of tin cans. Moreover, a substantial weight reduction of 15 % was obtained, a positive impact economically and environmentally. The completely redesigned and revised socket can withstand up to 4.5 bar. For the first time in the field of food preservation, the use of nitrogen (DWI) technology was made possible, as used in the beverage industry. The resulting pressure of the nitrogen in the can stabilizes it for transport. As a result, a wall thickness reduction of 43 % and the removal of the flared flange were made possible. The extreme saving material in a can with internal pressure is an innovation in this product category and the finger recess in the lid also provides good handling.

Submitter: Ardagh MP West France SAS
Designer / developer: Ardagh Group
Manufacturer: Ardagh Group
User: Bonduelle

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