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Young talent



Gartisanen is an innovative packaging concept for flower seed bombs, developed specifically for children between the ages of four and eight. The graphic design consists of hand-drawn image elements, emphasizing the childlike and playful nature of the packaging. The package consists of ten fitted boxes in cube form, each with one seed bomb. The ten primary packaging elements make up a cube puzzle game that provides a playing stimulus with learning effect. The explanatory diagram illustrates visually how the seed bombs work and are applied. The colouring page shows the black and white version of the explanatory image. The children can then build the cube puzzle itself. The welcome message speaks directly to the children and presents each species of flower by name. Commendable is the overall concept and its consistently playful implementation, its secondary use as well as the target-group orientation.

Submitter: Stuttgart Media University
Designer / developer: Ines Günzler, Edda sailor, Teresa Mueller, Julia Wappler, Li Yan, Alexander Rothe, Jacqueline Schmidt

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Young talent, Winner