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Display and promotional packaging



TheCUBE is a reinterpretation of the traditional Advent calendar and stands for individuality, creativity and quality design. Already at the "unboxing", the recipient will discover the special materials, finishes and features. TheCUBE is impressive in its unique design: it consists of layered cardboard cutouts, giving it a very special surface. The simple cubic form contains sophisticated inner workings: 24 small drawers on three levels. The layers are rotatable on the central axis and can be separated with a magnetic connection. Due to the special and diversely variable design, this timeless Advent calendar can be re-used again and again – and is a sought-after collector's item. The combination of reusability, rotation, as well as emotional and intuitive operation was commended as a smart and extendable idea, and worthy of recognition.

Submitter: rlc | packaging group
Designer / developer: rlc | packaging group
Manufacturer: rlc | packaging group
User: FMCG manufacturers (e.g. confectionery, cosmetics)

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Display and promotional packaging