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Sales packaging

Cryovac Technology (CT) Micro-fine layers shrink film

Cryovac Technology (CT) Micro-fine layers shrink film

Cryovac Technology (CT) is a novel patented manufacturing process for polyolefin shrink films. With the multilayer extrusion technology, it is possible to produce film which has the performance characteristics of conventional double thickness films, that is the same or better properties at 50 % of raw-material savings compared to conventional films. Together with this material saving is, therefore, a reduced energy requirement for production and transport and reduced roll cores, boxes and storage space. With more running meters on the roll there is an increase in efficiency with users. Not least, the volume of waste is reduced by up to 50 %. The decisive factor was therefore the significant material savings while maintaining the basic functions.

Submitter: Sealed Air Ltd.
Designer / developer: Sealed Air Corporation
Manufacturer: Sealed Air Corporation
User: food and non-food industries

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