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Transport and logistics packaging

MAUSER Cradle to Cradle CM plastic drum

MAUSER Cradle to Cradle CM plastic drum

This submission is an industrial plastic packaging certified according to the cradle-to-cradle principle (as in the cradle to cradle sustainability principle) by the EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency), Hamburg. This certified plastic drum represents the implementation of a product-related and economically viable sustainability strategy for industrial packaging.
Commendable is the consistent implementation of the concept of sustainability into the regions of the closed material cycle, retrieval of separate packaging elements, material composition and material recycling. A remarkable achievement.

Submitter: Mauser-Werke GmbH, Brühl
Designer / developer: Mauser-Werke GmbH
Manufacturer: Mauser-Werke GmbH
User: chemical industry, petroleum industry, food & pharmaceutical industries

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Transport and logistics packaging