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Sales packaging



The individual design of Maxi Pouch combines for the first time the processing of a premium package with the efficiency of high-speed form, fill and seal technology and aims with its re-sealable, stand-up and multi-ply handle functions in particular to fulfil the needs of the end user. Where premium packaging had to be processed as individual bags so far, Maxi Pouch offers as a roll significant advantages in relation to individual bag handling and enables potential savings in transport and storage. As well as 20, 30 and 40 l now, even small and medium-sized containers (4-10 l) are processed on the same setup without extra add-ons. Particularly noteworthy is the intuitive handling and resealing of the package – all in all, the Maxi Pouch is an innovation in this product category.

Submitter: Nordfolien GmbH
Designer / developer: Michael Kreymborg
Manufacturer: Nordfolien GmbH
User: customers in the food, pet food, chemical or construction industry

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Sales packaging, Foodstuffs & pet food, Winner