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Transport and logistics packaging

KTP SmartFix®

KTP SmartFix®

The Smartfix® is a universal, foldable reusable container for industrial goods. The basic structure, pallet, ring and lid made of polymer materials have been combined into a single unit by means of a folding mechanism.
The folding mechanism, which allows a simple, safe and quick assembly and disassembly of the unit, is well planned. By simply folding back the cover staging, space can be saved at the packing station. The interior for the filling and emptying of the container is only slightly affected by the folded cover. The management of empties is greatly simplified.

Submitter: KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH, Bous
Designer / developer: KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH, Bous
Manufacturer: KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH, Bous
User: automotive industry and its suppliers, white goods, logistics, ...

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Transport and logistics packaging, Winner