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Transport and logistics packaging

Universal Powertrain Make Part Dunnage

Universal Powertrain Make Part Dunnage

The “Universal Powertrain Make Part Dunnage” is a storage and transport packaging for differing engine blocks, engine heads and crankshafts. The packaging is made of polypropylene. The system consists of a modular workpiece carrier. To fix the components the workpiece carrier is equipped with product-specific applications.
The concept offers a high degree of standardization while displaying flexible adaptability to different components. This is achieved by the product-specific applications. The applicability for components varying in size and shape is valuable. Another advantage is that the spare stock can be kept low due to the standardization of the packaging. In comparison to the individual packaging often needed, this packaging can also be used for any following series. The modification is then reduced to the development of the fixing elements. The packaging is sturdy and easy to repair.

Submitter: Georg Utz GmbH, Schüttorf
Designer / developer: Adam Opel AG
Manufacturer: Georg Utz GmbH
User: Adam Opel AG

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Transport and logistics packaging, Winner