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Sales packaging

Special T. capsule tray

Special T. capsule tray

This cardboard tray may be used for tea & herbal tea. Due to the improved tray construction, considerable material could be saved in comparison to existing packaging solutions. In addition, the product has massively enhanced visibility and the fixation of the capsules in the tray clearly improved. Colour homogeneity between tray and packaging is guaranteed. By significantly simplifying the capsule trays the production performance could be significantly improved. It is stable, trouble-free and thus faster. The existing manufacturing facilities can continue to be used with only slight modifications – a completely new machine concept no longer needs to be considered.
There was a notably good finish and performance and a use of less material compared to its predecessor.

Owner: A & R Carton GmbH
Designer / developer: Philip Eissner
Manufacturer: A & R Carton GmbH
User: Nestlé SA

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