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Sales packaging

iQ box, primary packaging for easy needle-guided suture

iQ box, primary packaging for easy needle-guided suture

With the iQ box and the principle of special integrated filling, for the first time a packaging solution is designed to be fully automatically packaged with all common suture materials (except steel wire). This makes it possible to reduce the manufacturing cost significantly, to standardize the manufacture and to increase the productivity by more than 50 %. The design allows an intuitively correct and safe handling by the user. The special release of the thread when removing and defined shaping in the packaging reduces the memory effect (degree of deformation of the thread) noticeably. The thread is automatically straightened during removal, increasing the ease of use and enabling secure and fast processing of the suture. This convenience solution with its very good usability and good access to the needle combined with the minimal use of materials is exceptional.

Designer / developer: Falko Staufer
Manufacturer: SERAG-WIESSNER

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