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Sales packaging

Prototype hybrid printing plastic tube

Prototype hybrid printing plastic tube

Hybrid printing is a new inline-pressure combination of flexographic and screen printing. This combination can make previously unfeasible print designs in 4-colour flexographic printing. With the new flexographic printing process, the finest colour nuances are now possible. Ecological and economic aspects have also been taken into account. Innovation and optimization of the production process allows the making of changes in a very short time and implementation of these one to one in production. The printing process has been designed from the beginning for LED drying. This drying process reaches a temperature of about 27 – 35°, resulting in a considerable energy saving. Thus, photo-realistic resolution in the direct printing process not represented so far, as well as the energy, material and product-protecting LED drying was commendable.

Submitter: Tubex Holding GmbH
Designer / developer: Tubex Holding GmbH
Manufacturer: Tubex Holding GmbH
User: cosmetics, household, pharmaceutical, technology market

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